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Locate – Using specially designed lights, our PDR Technicians can find dents that are very difficult to find in standard lighting or regular daylight. These lights allow us to find all the dents instead of just the noticeable ones.

Access – Gaining access to the dent from behind it, usually requires removal of parts such as Taillights, Headlights, Belt Moldings and Interior Trim Pieces.

Repair – Using specially designed tools, the technician begins to massage the dent back up to its original form. For small dents and dents without access behind them, this is also done using glue and our electronic Hot Box machine that uses electromagnetic fields, vibrations and electronic pulses to correct the form of the metal panel.

Just take a couple pictures of the damage and send them to us. A member of our staff will look over it and get in touch with you shortly. While most small dents can be estimated over the phone, larger damage or others based on the location of the dent, need to be assessed in person. 970-812-3368 or email

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